How to Hit a Marketing Home Run with Experiential Content

While their importance pales in comparison to many other things taken away by our society’s ongoing lockdown, I do find myself missing sports. Going without them during a difficult time causes me to appreciate the comfortable routine and reliable distraction they provide all the more. Those who know me will […]

B2B Marketing Mythbusters: Dispelling 10 Common Myths with Extraordinary Marketing

B2B marketing is boring, doesn’t feature influencers, and uses only monotonous white papers and lifeless case studies — we’ve all heard these stereotypes, but what is the reality of B2B marketing in 2020? The traditional image of dull B2B marketing has been turned on its head in recent years, and […]

B2B Marketing News: Brands Spending More on Data, Spotify Turns Video Chats into Podcasts, & Consumers Trying More New Brands

How COVID-19 Is Impacting Business Event Planning 70 percent of business event planners have changed previously-planned in-person events to virtual platforms due to the pandemic, and 47 percent expect that once it ends people will still be hesitant to travel, with 27 percent expecting a swift uptick in real-world events […]

Un grupo de diseñadores se ofrece a diseñar currículums para gente que haya perdido su trabajo

Debido a la crisis del COVID-19, mucha gente ha perdido sus trabajos en las últimas semanas. Con el objetivo de aportar su granito de arena para ayudar a estas personas, un grupo de diseñadores se han unido para lanzar un bonito proyecto que lleva por título «Currículum solidario». La dinámica […]

Esta pastelería convierte los comentarios de trolls en tartas y los envía a su casa

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn 1compartidos Ante los trolls de Internet, uno puede hacer dos cosas: o contestarles y entrar en una discusión que puede que no tenga fin o bloquearles directamente. Ahora, esta pastelería de Nueva York nos trae una tercera vía y es enviarles su comentario de m**** en […]