New Book: Para Español Oprima #2: Speaking Spanish in times of Xenophobia

Para Español Oprima #2: Speaking Spanish in times of Xenophobia by Juan Rodulfo Para Español Oprima #2: Speaking Spanish in times of Xenophobia by Juan Rodulfo


As a Rideshare Driver, waiting for somebody to show on the App, I had plenty of time to meditate about important subjects that has been difficult to solve since the beginnings of Humanity, like for example: Who was first?, The Egg or the Hen?.After years of discussion, research and study, I’ve came to the conclusion that nobody knows and nobody will, determine WHO IS IMMIGRANT OR NATIONAL, since the Evolution Theory comes with the cell growing and evolving from it through Earlier Apes (Nakalipithecus), Ouranophitecus (Gorilla Split) , Sahelanthropus (Possibly Bipedal), Orrorin (Chimpanzee Split), in the Hominini Stage Miocene Age, then the Homo Habilis Stage of the Pliocene Age including the Ardipithecus & Australophitecus (Earliest Bipedal and use of Stone Tools), and the Pleistocene Age starting with the Homo Erectus (Exit from Africa and Earliest fire use), following the Homo Heidelbergensis (Earliest Clothes and Cooking), the Neanderthals and the Homo sapiens which characterize as Modern Humans/Speech, as published on Wikipedia; some religions still believe that there is a God who created a Man, then took out his rib and made a Woman, in some place (With unknown coordinates) named Eden, then the Woman ate an apple a snake gave her and then they both were kicked out from that place and sent somewhere else, even if I believe this theory, who can answer me who is the IMMIGRANT, if they then began to populate our Planet with their descendants?.

These days, sales of tiki torches and white bedding sets skyrocketed thanks to Radical Nationalist nerves stimulated by Leaders and small groups around the US and other “developed” countries on East, West, North and South, setting the public stage to the spread of hate speech and crimes.

But, is that bad to be here and speak other language, be fat – non white and ugly (like me)?, How does the US thrive with a population of 329,758,344 humans and around 350 languages spoken in its territory?

Para Español Oprima #2: Speaking Spanish in times of Xenophobia by Juan RodulfoPara Español Oprima #2: Speaking Spanish in times of Xenophobia by Juan Rodulfo


Juan Ramon Rodulfo Moya, Defined by Nature: Planet Earth Habitant, Human, Son of Eladio Rodulfo & Briceida Moya, Brother of Gabriela, Gustavo & Katiuska, Father of Gabriel & Sofia; Defined by the Society as: Venezuelan Citizen (Human Rights Limited by default), Friend of many, Enemy of few, Neighbor, Student/Teacher/Student, Worker/Supervisor/Manager/Leader/Worker, Husband of Katty/ Ex-Husband of K/Husband of Yohana; Defined by the Gig Economy: Independent Contractor 1099 Form; Studies in classroom: Master Degree in Human Resources Management, Adult Continuing Education, English, Chinese Mandarin; Studies at the real world: Human Behavior; Studies at home: Webmaster SEO, Graphic Web Apps Design, Internet & Social Media Marketing, Video Production, YouTube Branding, Trading, Import-Exports, Affiliate Marketing, Cooking, Laundry, Home Cleaning; Work experience: Public-Private-Entrepreneur Sectors; Other Definitions: Bitcoin Evangelist, Human Rights Peace and Love Advocate; Author of: Asylum Seekers, Why Maslow?: How to use his Theory to Stay in Power Forever, Manual for Gorillas: 9 Rules to be the “Fer-pect” Dictator and Why you Must Play the Lottery.

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