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Guaripete Solutions Marketing Agency offers their new service of WebView Apps

WebView is a view that displays web pages within your application. You can also specify an HTML string and display it within your app using the WebView. WebView turns your app into a web app.

For example, the website, this is its’ desktop version:

Versión Desktop de

This one the mobile version:

The WebView is the equivalent to the mobile version of the website, we take care of the development of the WebView for IOS and Android, the Design of Icons and Mockups and the Publication in the App Store and Google Play Stores, expanding this way the spectrum of influence of your brand, product or service.

Your customers would no longer have to search the Internet for your Website, to be in contact, they would only have to search for the App previously installed on their cell phone or tablet, how about it?

Guaripete Solutions

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Price List

WebView App for IOS: $400 ($2.99 monthly hosting)

Includes: WebView Development, Icons Design, Print Screens/Mockups Design, App Store Publishing

WebView App for Android: $400 ($2.99 monthly hosting)

Includes: WebView Development, Icons Design, Print Screens/Mockups Design, Google Play Publishing

Website design starting at: $299

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